And so it was, at St. David's Episcopal Church, that Will Taylor and Jimmy LaFave looked each other in the eye and, without words, faced the proposition of "Why not?" In the first half of the show, LaFave performed "Buffalo Return to the Plains" to rich string textures that suggested Americana, and Appalachia, which added a delicate drama to a Woody Guthrie-flavored tune that LaFave fans know oh so well.

But in the second half of the show, LaFave turned the tables. "Now we're going to play by my rules," he announced with a mischievous smile -- and promptly launched into a 12-bar blues, forcing the cellist and violinist to leave their comfortable place and play strictly by ear.

Risks are taken. Boundaries are broken. The musical realm and the lyrical realm become one, in the heart of downtown, inside one of the oldest churches in Texas. Amazing grace, indeed.

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