"Collaborations turn quiet, confessional folk songs into cinematic wonders, full of scope and color." - Noel Murray, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"The singers, all apparently inspired by the setting, gave extra thoughtful, extra intense efforts. If this album has a theme, it is celebration of the human spirit and the joy of musicians getting together to participate in an uplifting performance. Truly a feel-good album for a most worthy cause. Collaborations is a stirring, memorable work." MT, Sing Out Magazine.

"This disc represents a slice of the best shows of this inventive series. Musicians love doing the series because it allows them to see their creations throught the eyes of other players, in ways they may not have imagined." Kerry Dexter, Dirty Linen Magazine

- Winner of “Best Strings” Austin Music Awards 2005- Austin Music Foundation Incubator Finalist 2005- Featured on two KGSR “Broadcast” CD’s: Broadcast Vol. 12(2004) Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez “Don’t Speak In English” & Broadcast Vol.10 (2002) Ray Wylie Hubbard “Ballad of the Crimson Kings”- Featured on (2001) KLBJ “Local Licks Live” CD: Darden Smith “Stronger”- News 8 Feature w/ Andy Langer http://n8a.com/content/living/backstage_pass/?ArID=119089

"Risks are taken. Boundaries are broken. The musical realm and the lyrical realm become one, in the heart of downtown Austin, inside one of the oldest churches in Texas. Amazing grace, indeed." -– Brad Buchholtz, Austin American-Statesman READ THE FULL IN-DEPTH FEATURE ARTICLE HERE "As program director for 107.1 KGSR Radio Austiin, I have witnessed theirdevelopment of a consistent body of work over time. In fact, their unique interactionswith artists in our community (including Grammy winner Shawn Colvin, songwriting legend Chip Taylorand countless others) have motivated our station to broadcast the live performancesof Will Taylor and Strings Attached. The work being done here is of a caliber to that beingdone anywhere on the planet. It is that sophisticated and singular. Will Taylorand Strings Attached are one of the reasons people call Austin ‘The Live Music Capital of the World.’ Long may their bows be strung!" -– Jody Denberg, Program Director, KGSR 107.1FM Austin

"This finely nuanced, gorgeously recorded CD speaks volumes for Austin’s music scene... imaginatively reworked, pensive and much to love." -– Chip Deffaa, Entertainment Weekly

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