WILL TAYLOR - viola, Violin, Arranger
STEVE ZIRKEL - bass, piano, trumpet
JASON MCKENZIE - tabla, percussion
BRAD EVILSIZER- drums, percussion

The Will Taylor and Strings Attached Collaboration Concert Series rises into the national spotlight with the debut of "Collaborations." Collaborating with Texas-based and nationally renowned artists, including Shawn Colvin, Eliza Gilkyson, Ian Moore, Jimmy LaFave, Patrice Pike, Ruthie Foster, Guy Forsyth, Libby Kirkpatrick, Sara Hickman, Slaid Cleaves, and Barbara K (from Timbuk3), "Collaborations" is a best-of compilation capturing the essence of Will Taylor and Strings Attached and their unique, one-of-a-kind collaboration concert performances. "Collaborations" is also an enhanced CD containing two live concert videos: Shawn Colvin’s "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" and Eliza Gilkyson’s "Easy Rider" as performed live with Will Taylor and Strings Attached.

“WITH STRINGS ATTACHED..." The concept is simple: take a well-known artist-singer-songwriter, strip them of their original touring band, compose jazz-roots-influenced arrangements featuring strings that expand into other-worldly territory, and then perform those songs live for a one-time-only special concert event held inside the beautiful stained glass acoustic sanctuary of historic St. David’s Church in downtown Austin, Texas... Do this, and you will have created Strings Attached. Do this once a month with a different guest artist every month, and you will have created a very unique collaboration concert series. Begin recording these performances in 16-track digital audio, 4-camera video, and then cherrypick from the best of the best and you will have created the CD: Will Taylor and Strings Attached "Collaborations."

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