Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Libby Kirkpatrick began playing classical piano at age 3. At age 14, deeply moved by the musical era of singer songwriters in the 1970’s, she switched to acoustic guitar while immersing herself in the artistry of Joni Mitchell, Joan Armatrading, Neil Young and Rickie Lee Jones. Drawn by her adventure-seeking desires as a nomadic youth, Libby left home to live minimalistically overseas in India and Thailand, and then busking in Ireland where she began writing her first original songs. She then returned to the States to live in Boulder, Colorado where she began performing professionally for the first time in 1995. Spending her next several years touring folk venues, befriending and co-mingling with the jamband circuit, and honing her musical crafts, she began developing solid regional followings along the West Coast, Southwest, and Northeast.

In 2001, Libby took root in Austin, Texas where she primarily resides between tours. With her sometimes rigorous touring schedules combined for her off-touring need to keep traveling (for fun!) Libby often jokingly claims her true residency to be “Toyota USA” (her road-dog-eared blue Tacoma truck). To this day, Bryn Mawr Pensylvania, Boulder Colorado, Orcas Island Washington, and Portland Oregon are all places she still calls home--often literally--for weeks if not months at a time.

Beyond music, Libby’s other interests include nutrition, (macrobiotic) cooking, yoga mind-body connection (she’s a certified massage therapist and a yoga instructor), dance, travel, visual and performance art (she’s a member of The Everyone Orchestra), language (she recently taught herself basic Portuguese before vacationing in Brazil). astrology and metaphysics (the illustrations on the cover of “Goodnight Venus” are by artist Julie Paschkis, illustrator of famous Philadelphia folk-art tarot card and palmistry decks). An unquenchable listener of inspired music, recently found in her CD player were: Devon Sproule, Tin Hat Trio, Townes Van Zandt, Forrest Sun, Kate Fenner, Fats Waller, Django Reinhart & Stephan Grappelli, Jeff Buclkey, Nickel Creek, Greg Brown, Gilberto Gil, Alexi Murdoch, Catie Curtis, Mindy Smith, Rob Halverson, Patty Griffin, Andrew Bird, Ray Lamontagne, and Martin Sexton.

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