"What a velvet touch! Hamilton's round tone, probing lines, and compelling jazz originals make a delicious trio album... Though he never calls attention to his chops, you can tell he's got a monster set-everything's splendidly articulated and swinging. It's wonderful to hear head, hands, and heart so in sync." -– Guitar Player Magazine

"Fred Hamilton is a guitarist with a dry but flexible sound who mostly plays introspective and thoughtful material on Looking Back on Tomorrow. On "Too Much, Too Close," he shows that he can cook conventionally in a swinging setting, but most of the other songs are ballads or surprisingly rockish romps. The setting provided by bassist David Friesen and drummer Ed Soph is generally sparse and fits Hamilton's open-minded approach well. Overall this is a thought-provoking set of original music." ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

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