"Moments of easy octave leaps, scalar runs and singing legato abandon...builds to a hair-raising crescendo with Avinger unveiling his nastiest grunge tones...an inpressive instrumentalist. - Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes Magazine

"Avinger's music blends elements of rock, jazz, andblues into a real jam. Erich has a unique style, one that clearly raises him to master level. He is up there with guitar greats from the jazz, rock, and blues world. Compared to JEFF BECK, ERIC JOHNSON, and PAT METHENY already, you can add other greats like STEVIE RAY VAUGHN, PHIL KEAGGEY, R. SMITH, C. SANTANA, and many other truly great guitar geniuses. 'Poets, Misfits, Beggars, and Shamans' is a powerful product, one that presents inspired jams, clean notes, and a personal style. Now if only the mass public can get a taste of this great talent. A great guitar based CD. Must listening. Recommended. The Critical Review

"bursting style of solo rapture by providing chordal flavorings and a progressive array of watercolor chordal underpinnings... stirring tour de force... an avalanche of electric guitar fire power."
-- Gavin Magazine

"A very unique and personal sound, a melt of different influences from jazz to rock, from world music to flamenco, from new age to blues. Avinger has excellent technique, but his concert is not based on an easy spectacularity or virtuosity as an end to themselves, but rather on a continuous research of atmospheres, structures and musical paths in which to find new solutions and emotions... an artist gifted by great intelligence and an absolutely personal style."
-- La Republica (Rome, Italy)

"...without a doubt, one of the finest guitar based albums that I have listened to
in a long time... brilliant."
-- Option Magazine

"If you’re adventurous and open to innovative compositions, here’s someone to
take notice of... he’s going places"
-- L.A. Jazz Scene

"A shoo-in as winner of both the Best Electric and Acoustic Guitarist awards"
-- Public News

"A gorgeous effort... Avinger is a master at reworking melodic themes within a
song... Avinger’s songwriting is strong and majestic... the most arresting music around."
-- Houston Post

"An excellent synthesis of all that is the guitar from a jigger of Django, a hint ofHendrix, to moments of Metheny, all overlaid in compositional counterpoint
worthy of the masters."-- Kaleidophonics Syndication

"From the moment the album starts, Erich makes you aware of his music prowess.Weaving together intricate melodies on his acoustic and electric guitars, hecaptivates the listener."-- Texas Music News

“Avinger is one of those rare artists who creates his own art... extraordinary beauty in the compositions that causes one to return again and again... a genuine originality that transcends style and pierces to the heart.”
-- Aaron Howard, Public News

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