at The Studio in New York City and engineered by the talented Jim Anderson.

The compositions on Jihi range from ballads such as “Under the Rainbow” and “Be From You,” showcasing Doug's beautifully developed harmonies, to high energy and steady tension-driven themes such as “ Darkstream,” displaying a free-flowing urban feel while still swinging throughout. “ After the Fact” demonstrates Doug's ability to completely change tactility throughout the song while keeping it seamlessly together. This music is resplendent ensemble playing with sensitive yet commanding voices on each instrument.

Jihi (je-he` ) in Japanese Buddhist texts means compassion. Ji, meaning “to give happiness” and hi, “to remove suffering.” Removing suffering and giving joy in it's simplest terms is the spirit of Doug Hall's “Jihi.” The healing qualities of music itself are universal, and Doug Hall's ability to draw from this quality with a floret of harmonious melodies is sublime.

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