Carla Helmbrecht: Be Cool Be Kind CD Review By JAZZWEST.COM “Put on your dancing shoes, that nice dress or best jacket, and get ready to go uptown...”

"Carla Helmbrecht is a versatile singer with a warm deep voice. (She) swings constantly and always seems to have a smile in her voice. Well worth exploring." -– Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

“Here is a Southern young lady with a personable voice singing a fine selection of tunes in a latter-day torch-song style...The arrangements and backing are of the highest order... an excellent production of a talent that promises more.” -– Jazz Now

“Carla Helmbrecht sticks to today’s standards and does well by them. She has an emotive, languid voice perfect for the torchy ballads that dominate her set. Altogether this is a very worthwhile CD.” -– Cadence “Carla Helmbrecht is a new name but she won me over from the start on her debut (One For My Baby)... the highly appealing singer starts off the set with one of the saddest ballads ever written... her expressive powers are quite high and she is at her best on ballads. The main question is Who is Carla Helmbrecht and when will she be in Los Angeles?’” -– Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

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