"Those partial to both vocal and instrumental jazz will find ‘Aren't We the Lucky Ones’ to be a rare treat--an album that delivers fully in both categories. Ullman and Harney work together like the proverbial hand in glove-–he's a superb pianist and she's got an exquisite instrument which is used as an instrument as well as vehicle for communicating lyrics...this release (is) an odds-on favorite for the Recommended list." -– Ellen Colison, Cadence

Beth Ullman & Will Taylor Flipnotics, Saturday 13, 2000 (show review) “Another one of Austin's prized Satin Dolls, Beth Ullman’s rich, lush voice remains the same instrument of seduction it's always been. Accompanied by Will Taylor and his string quartet for an evening of "Ballads, Blues, and Bartok," as well as pieces by Charles Mingus, Joni Mitchell, and Stevie Wonder, Ullman probably won't even delve into her new material but with a voice like hers, what she sings is secondary to how you'll swoon when she does. -– Raoul Hernandez, Austin Chronicle

"The quiet delights of the Ullman/Harney musical universe are widely varied but singularly effective at evoking the emotional ebb and flow of the human heart." -– Michael Point

“Her (Beth Ullman’s) music is the real thing, straight from the heart” -– John Aielli, KUT 90.5FM Austin

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